About Us

When the world shut down and everyone was stuck inside, the need for soap became especially important. However, what four friends were surprised to find was that foaming hand soap was hard to find and buy online. It was even more difficult to find soap that was made with natural ingredients and not full of a bunch of chemicals that no one could pronounce. These four friends brought together their unique skillsets and It’s Just Soap was born.



Kathryn Hollier

Always looking to make things simple and more efficient. Her love for math and logic has fueled her career in the finance industry. This translates beautifully into the detail-oriented world of soap making. Her organization and spreadsheets are an integral part of the team (math pun intended).



Velia Amador

She does it all. A keen eye for design, combined with a talent for planning has led to a wonderful career in the retail fashion industry. Her talents translate to all parts of our business. Not only will she tackle it all, but she gets it done quickly, efficiently, and with great style.



Kyle Boris

An ecommerce master of all trades. His talent for merchandising, planning, buying, and marketing has given him a great career in the retail industry. His skills help the team get our soap from our warehouse onto your hands.



Wilbert Vivas

Always looking to get things done. A true entrepreneurial spirit has helped him start many different ventures. His talent for marketing and business management has given him a long and varied retail career. A natural born leader, his enthusiasm and positive attitude helps keep the team on track.


Handmade with Natural Ingredients

Why are most soaps on the market full of harsh chemicals and manufactured scents? Our soap is hand crafted using simple, natural ingredients. At the end of the day, It’s Just Soap!